How to get a bandwidth meter that caclulates accurate bandwidth usage?

I recently got a cable modem and took a limited 2 month plan. The bandwidth is limited so I tried to install two bandwidth meters - the free NetVue and another one called DU Meter which I had used long ago.But the problem is that even when I am not doing any downloading or even browsing, both these meters show that I'm downloading at 5 - 7 kBps, constantly.

This way, they show a much higher value than the actual bandwidth usage. I wish to know my daily and  weekly usage, but I cannot know using these two.Can anyone tell me what is the problem with these meters or if I need any other kind of meter for use with cable modem?

Very appreciated, if anyone can help.


lemonie7 years ago
Why do you think the meters are wrong? If you've got a measure of the actual bandwidth, how is that obtained?
There's probably things using the connection that you're not aware of.

rseni (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Thanks for the reply, lemonie!

Actually, no, there's nothing going on in the background as I said, the connection is silent. No activity shown by the Network icon, except normal. But even when the network icon doesn't show data being sent or received, these bandwidth meters show a constant download of 5 - 6 kBps.

If I stop the Internet activity using Zone Alarm's Internet Lock, then these meters too stop. However, if I download something, the speed shown by these meters is the actual download speed I get. There's no virus.

By the way, I had this same problem when I used these meters a few months ago on the same cable connection (different IP) and on Windows 2003. I got frustrated and removed the meters. My ISP shows my daily bandwidth usage but they show it only the next day, but it hasn't gone over 35 MB in the last three days I started using this ISP. The meters show about 5 MB each hour or so.

lemonie rseni7 years ago
Right, so the Internet lock does something. Hmm, is there anything running (Task Manager) that might be doing a quick flick, like checking for updates? Try killing process started under your user name and see if it has the same effect as using Internet Lock. I'm thinking of things named like autoupdate, -sched.
I'm quite happy to believe the ISP and meters don't agree, what you want is a rough realtime guide. My ISP provides one, but the account is like yours - daily.