How to get a girl interested in me?

So, there is a girl that I like, but I don't know if she likes me. We not friends(Not that we hate each other, we just barely talk to each other) I don't know what she's interested in, and I don't want to act "Weird" and go, "Hi, what do you like?" Going up and talking to her would be weird and me, and possibly her, and so would just hanging out with her. I'm most likely not what you would call, attractive (boy will shoulder length hair, had to fang like teeth above my other teeth, thinks all most every one else is an idiot in some way, and only wears jeans.) If you could help, please comment, and no stupid comments please.

robotguy47 years ago
Saying "hello" to her when you see her might help. That way when you actually get a chance to talk to her it wouldn't seem so strange. Its a long term approach, though.
that is too much for me, i am really shy
You can't get her interested in you. Nobody can force the emotions of another, and it's folly to try. Sometimes it just doesn't work. The best you can do is treat her well, let her know subtly that you like her, and hope she responds in kind.
Rock Soldier (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
I don't want to force her.