How to get data from serial port to USB on android tablet?

Hi friends,
I'm new in android. I have one tablet,usb-serial port data cable and GPRS device.
Now my doubt is i want to get the data from gprs device using that cable.Because the gprs device will connect using the serial port.So it gives the data on serial port.
I tried in many ways.But it's not working.
Please let me know.

Can you see the USB-serial adapter inside Android ?

Lavanya S (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
ya i'm having.Then i followed this link.,

It says first root ur device.So I tried to root my device using Universalandroot.It's working fine.

Then what can i do?I'm not aware of this.

Does his sample code work ?
Sorry, me neither. I haven't done much with Android myself, I was wondering if tablets gave a USB master by default.

What code have you used ?