How to get my cat to get in the litter pan all the way?

My cat is a 19 year old neutered male has suddenly started getting into the litter pan only partially with the business end hanging out. As result he sprays the floor.

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hott8 years ago
pick him up and place him fully in the box he will soon learn
aeray8 years ago
Try a fully-enclosed box with a flapper door, or just find or make a box that will just fit over the litter box.
klee27x8 years ago
Wait! Maybe this is a blessing in disguise! Maybe you can put a bowl under where he pees. Then you could just pour it down the drain and you wouldn't have to deal with stinky cat litter!?
scoochmaroo8 years ago
If changing the brand/type of litter you're using is something you're considering, I would recommend this one which is softer and emits no dust.
He probably is really sensitive in his nether regions, cats his age have issues with bladder control anyway, t he kidneys go, the liver, and then the heart. Do you have a big enough litter box? Consider going to shredded news paper. Newspaper shreds don't get kicked up onto his ultra sensitive naughty bits. He's a very old kitty you have been doing something totally right that he's even still alive at his age!