How to get my portable charger working?

Im building a portable USB charger but for some reason my phone ins't showing any sign of the charger being connected. It used to show when it was connected but I cant figure why it isn't now. I measured the voltage going to the USB its 5v and the two data lines are 3v. I used 33k and 22k for the data lines so i can get 2v to each line. Is there anyway someone could kinda assist me on making this circuit on a breadboard i'm kinda getting confused on how to set it up. Also is my 7805 going bad because sometimes the input voltage is the output voltage.

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WWC5 years ago
Ok a different approach. Do you have your voltage reg wired correctly, cuz if you don't it will do what you are describing.
lsavage-1 (author)  WWC5 years ago
I wired it up properly its just not supply the right amount of voltage on the output
iceng5 years ago
A simple 5VDC regulator.

iceng5 years ago
Is your unit like mine parts supplied by Lady Ada, takes input 3VDC and outputs 5VDC on the USB connector.

Lady Ada USB.jpg
lsavage-1 (author)  iceng5 years ago
Nope mine is using 6 triple a's
WWC5 years ago
Can you post a schematic?
lsavage-1 (author)  WWC5 years ago
Here it is
ipod charger with altoids.jpg
WWC lsavage-15 years ago
What is the voltage dividers for? So the fone will recognize to take a charge?
What are the pin numbers for the LM7805 you actually have in your connection?
Pin 1 is?
Pin 2 is?
Pin 3 is?