How to get rid of moles / warts in quick way?

how do i get rid of art/ mole in easier way...be it homemade or scientific...

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pratiksd (author) 5 years ago
hey all thnx a lott for your guidance....i approached a medical shop and asked abt it...the man advised me this SALACTOL PAINT.....a liquid which helps to remove warts....its the only 1 he said...so i tried it and now m free of tht wart.....THANKS to him....do try this if ny1 wants to...it just took 5 days to get rid of tht wart....and tht too without ny pains.....its easiest and priceless....thnx to all.... :)
Vyger5 years ago
A Q-Tip dipped in liquid nitrogen and touched to an area of the skin will cause local frostbit. The tissue will freeze and thus die. Its called cryogenic surgery. The dead area slophs off and is replaced by new tissue, the offending tissue thus being replaced with new healthy tissue. It can be painful but often is not. It is usually done by a doctor because if done improperly it can cause larger damage and scaring. However if you want to brave it yourself and have a source of liquid nitrogen you can give it a try. Go slow and star small.
md4v35 years ago
This is a traditional way to remove warts that my grandma told me.
Use the sap of this plant to the warts, latin name: Eupharbia tirucalli L
I dont know what its called in english. Just dont let the sap get to your eyes or soft tissues.
Burf5 years ago
See a dermatologist.
+1, if you can. A doctor can both sanity-check that it really is harmless, and recommend the best way to remove it with minimum damage to other tissue and minimum scarring.

If you want to do it yourself, there are Instructables on this topic; at least some of them are mentioned in the Related box on the right side of this page. I have no opinion on any of 'em.
lemonie5 years ago

Which is it - wart or mole?

pratiksd (author)  lemonie5 years ago
it is a wart.....small growth on skin

i have moles too but no issues with thm...
rickharris5 years ago
There are propriety medicines on the market to remove warts. It takes time.

If a mole isn't giving you any problems or growing in size or turning darker or getting a crusty surface then leave it - any of the for mentioned go see a doctor about it.

A home remedy for warts may be put a bit of duct tape over it and leave - eventually the wart will fall off. (maybe) Rub with a dead toad used to be popular no frowned upon by animal welfare people.

Getting a local witch to charm the wart away was also popular in the 12th cent.