How to get the value of these capacitors?

I got these three capacitors  there are several codes written on them but i can't find a way to find the capacitance they carry in micro farrad can anyone tell me how to read there value?

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iceng4 years ago
The stated values once you understand the numeric codes are
usually different when actually measured by a capacitor tester.

Depending on the style of capacitor the value can be 2% 5% 10% or 200% off.

blkhawk4 years ago
The free software Electronic Assistant can help you find the information you need.
It can be very difficult. There is a kind of standard that the value printed is generally in PICO farads, so the one you show there is 22+2 noughts, so thats 2200pF or 2.2nF, or 0.0022uF