How to glue silicone to leather ? ?

Hi I need to glue silicone to leather, i've tried to glue it with various glue but it always comes off...

is there any known way to glue very good , silicone to leather ?



rickharris4 months ago

Apart from silicone itself I think you may be onto a looser here - very little sticks to Silicone.

may help

giorgiomartini (author)  rickharris4 months ago

Thanks rick! will try silicone... any idea if using sandpaper on the silicone surface would hekp it ?

The silicone will bond with the new silicone, you just have to make sure that it is clean and dry. (moisture will speed up the setting and you don't want that before it is bonding) Sanding the leather might help though.

blkhawk4 months ago

I believe that adhesives made for leather are water based and it is flexible when dry. You may have to check leathercraft suppliers.