How to hang a model airplane from the ceiling?

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You'll need to tie fishing line around 3 points on the plane (e.g., nose, tail, and/or wings) and secure them to hook(s) on the ceiling.  Using more than 1 hook will keep the plane from moving much due to drafts in the room.  A slipknot should make it easy to adjust the lengths and allow you to take the plane down easily for dusting.
JimE321 year ago

please message me back. But how would I hang Lego Star wars vehicles from the ceiling. (Use fishing line) but would I have to super glue the vehicle together first?

lemonie8 years ago
Since they've been mentioned before, how about some of those clever 3M fixings, otherwise I'm totally with Angry' on this.

gyoungphd (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Thanks so much! I am new to this and didn't find this in my search, so I really appreciate the help!
Jayefuu8 years ago
I used to use blue tac on the bottom of my Airfix planes as the tops always looked better than the bottoms, so my planed flew upside-down.
Kiteman8 years ago
When I used to make Airfix kits, my father strung a length of "invisible" sewing thread from corner to corner of my bedroom (pinned to the picture rail).

Each model was then hung from a short length of the same thread, tied to the long section.
Fishing line ?