How to increase amperage of a 5volt's current?

I want to make a circuit which increases the amperage of a 5 volts coming out of a battery the voltage may decrease but the ampearage should be high or increased! Thank's for helping
Samad Haque

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DDevilPL5 years ago
The best way of solving your problem is to solder battery pack from RC models cells. They have really huge amperage.
samaddon (author)  DDevilPL5 years ago
what are RC models cells and should i need to connect them in parallel??
In that case you need a step DOWN power supply. How much current ? What source ?
He is using a battery as a source. Makes things difficult.

I suppose as DDevilPL says you could put more cells of the same voltage (5 volts) in parallel with what you have which will increase the current available.
rickharris5 years ago
Total electrical power - WATTS - is a combination of Voltage and Current.

In the case of a battery the voltage and current are a matte os the physical construction of the battery and not changeable.