How to know how much charge there is in a 1.5v battery using a multitester?

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phalanx4478 years ago
Take your multimeter, and turn the dial on it to "Volts DC"- The V symbol with a line over it, or a dotted line, or the only "V" present. Take your red lead from the meter and put it against the "+" end of the 1.5V battery. Take the black lead and place it up against the "-" end of the battery. You can tell which end is which on the battery by the markings on the sides. Good luck!
jovenhatsjr (author)  phalanx4478 years ago
I tried but couldn't find that "V" you said in mt multimeter but instead there is DCV.A/ &ACV and it measured 6 is that it?
yes. either your battery is charged to 6 volts, you were reading it wrong (are there different numbers OR a dial that changes the number values??? make sure that is DC volts as well) , or your multimeter is broken.
theRIAA8 years ago
"1.2v rechargable NiMH" <<(most common rechargeable AA battery), are about 1.4 volts when fully charged.. so 1.0v = dead and 1.4v = good charge
jovenhatsjr (author)  theRIAA8 years ago
how will i know that in the multimeter that it reads 1.4v, what indication that i will be able to know how much is the charge, will shall i read it on the DCV.A and ACV , my multitester is analog design not digital.
Xellers8 years ago
There is a common misconception that you can measure how "charged" something like a battery is using an ammeter. Unfortunately, this doesn't work, and in the case of a digital ammeter, it will in many cases destroy the fuse. When you measure something with an ammeter, you can tell how much current is currently flowing, you cannot measure how much current something like a capacitor holds. A digital ammeter has an equivalent resistance of almost zero ohms, that means that if you connect it to a battery, the battery will be shorted out, and if it is a larger battery such as a lead acid storage cell, it will send more than the several amps through the ammeter that are required to destroy the fuse. The only way to measure how depleted a battery is requires that you use a voltmeter. If the 1.5 volt battery tests at 1.5, then its new, but if it tests lower than 1.1, its probably time for a new one.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Measure the volts.