How to load an app within webpage iframe? How to automate script on windows?

The android app via bluestacks is what I want within a webpage and if possible to also embed this within my app (.exe). How can I also let an automated script to run on booting to open a command. How to load an app within webpage iframe? How to automate script on windows prompt within a file location then input a code then press enter and leave it open. This will be repeated every time after booting. The free app is what I want to restrict directly from clients.

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You are basically asking how to get around all good security measures and I fail to see the benefit of giving advise on that.

Possibly, but the way I read the OP's query, it sounds like he or she is simply ignorant of how to use standard web design items like iframes and user control.

That much was obvious but it does not change the sound of the request.

Sometimes I do wonder:
Before going through the troubles of creating an account here, (hopefully) finding the right section to post and finally waiting for a meaningful reply,
wouldn't it make sense to
a) Do a proper Google search
b) Check for forums or discussion boards dedicated to the topic - should appear during a though
c) Check if something sililar to the request has already been done or implemented


And if it's simply a sI suggested, he/she needs to do some research and get educated on web design. Using an iframe isn't terribly difficult, but it's not something I'm going to spell out as a paint by numbers solution. One place is W3schools. (OP, google the term I used...W3schools)


Well said.. You should be a writer for the Game_of_Thrones..

seandogue1 month ago

PS> for how to use an iframe, see this link for w3schools iframe

seandogue1 month ago

have users sign into your site or require some other identifier, then implement a user control paradigm where privileges are only extended to "authorized" users. Don't load any content to them they aren't qualified for, **before** the "qualifiable" applet is loaded.