How to make ANFO?

How to make ANFO?

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Wat you need is
1kg ammonium nitrate
50ml of cooking oil
3g aluminium powder

cook on stove oil in a pot first then the two powders and you use a blast cap and boom blow the hell out of a car

happy reading :)
Would you convert to oz and pounds and what can you use instead of a blasting cap??
one question: where can i find ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder?
You can get it in instant cool packs and on www.trademe.co.nz and on ebay :)
you can find aluminium powder at a local paint store or you can buy them on ebay
Grant12317 years ago
 You need to use 96% ammonium nitrate and 4% fuel oil like diesel or kerosene. Make sure to mix the oil in right away or the ammonium nitrate will absorb water and your bomb won't detonate. Also you need a blasting cap but you can make due with making acetone peroxide instead.
arefiq8 years ago
ANFO? the one that explode? i am not so sure i remember.. (i think i read it somewhere). i think it can be made by mixing Ammonium nitrate with diesel. if you are interested on homemade explosives have a visit on this site http://www.pyronfo.com/