How to make USB Female socket for Nippon NS68LO music system?

How to make USB Female socket for Nippon NS68LO music system which is OEM with Suzuki Cars and do not have a USB port although the system has a facility to connect USB drive through a round 8/9 pin socket at its rear..

I have seen some good uses of USB here and hence thought of asking if you could help me out..

Warm Regards,
Rahul, India.

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lemonie6 years ago

What do you know / can you find out about the 8/9 pin socket at its rear?

rkorde (author)  lemonie6 years ago

I have uploaded the picture of the rear portion of the NIPPON NS68LO music system. The highlighted and tagged port is for USB. White port next to it is for Bluetooth.

Pls. provide some solution to the problem I am facing.

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul, IN.
hey i think that white port is for usb female connecter isn't is?
lemonie rkorde6 years ago

I looked, but I couldn't find anything useful, even with the picture thanks.

lemonie6 years ago

There are too many pins for USB, only some of them will be used. I can't find the information (I did look), sorry.

rkorde (author)  lemonie6 years ago

thanks for the reply..

What is this port or pin typically called ?
May be I can search for the pin type to know which pin corresponds to power and data ..

lemonie rkorde6 years ago
I've replied twice, but both comments disappeared: can't find you an answer, sorry