How to make Visual Basic shown the detected colour from arduino (colour sensor)?

I want to display the detected colour on Visual Basic software... the object color is sensed using the color sensor that diy by arduino... so how i interface the visual basic with arduino ?? can someone help me with the coding?? the example is as below picture...

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steveastrouk7 months ago

Over the serial port

Although WiFi is an option too...
All you need is a working serial connection and send the code through it.
On the other end your program listens to the serial port data and displays what is needed on the screen.

OngE2 (author)  Downunder35m7 months ago

thankyou for ur information :)

iceng7 months ago

There is no pic to see ?

OngE2 (author)  iceng7 months ago

here is the example for the design

iceng7 months ago

BTW Realbasic is better product for creating small EXE files...