How to make a 315mhz RC car receiver and transmitter

Give me Some circuit diagrams to 315mhz RC car receiver and transmitter. 

iceng2 years ago

As Mpilch and Rich both said you are better off to buy, it is impossible for newbie to learn to make a TR (Transmitter Receiver) pair.

If you think making a 315Mc TR is easier then a 27Mc you are in error. It is much much more difficult !

You should join a Hound and Hare group in your city.

Changed your question after my answer, eh? As Rich said, building a transmitter and receiver to match is difficult and costly. Even with known good schematics, if you lay out the board wrong there will be problems. Even with a known good layout the added capacitance built up on the contacts from a basic perf board will affect the system as a whole. Still requiering the test equipment to figure out how far off you are and what changes need to be made to get them matched up.

rickharris2 years ago

It takes some complex test equipment to successfully make radio transmitters and receivers.

In the long run cheaper to buy a new radio set - These days you can get 2.4 Ghz sets for $16 to $30.

Transmitters and receivers tend to be a matched set. While you can certainly make a 27MhZ receiver you would also have to decode the signal from the transmitter to make things work. Probably be better to spend $15 on a new receiver.