How to make a Dead Space helmet/costume?

Hi, I want to make the costume from the video game Dead Space. I want it to be durable, and good quality, but not too expensive. I would like to ask for some hints, as to what materials to use. What would be the best and the easiest material. Also, Im starting with the helmet, in case it will turn out to be too expensive, ill just stick with that and make the rest of the suit on another occasion. thank you for all your help ****note about the picture***** my helmet will have a blue film instead of the mesh and will light up like in the game. also, i plan on installing two pc fans into it, for ventilation.

Picture of How to make a Dead Space helmet/costume?
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cassus117 years ago
 i have a pepakura file that is a game ripped helmet from deadspace 
pepakura files are printed and then cut out of 110 pound cardstock and then glued together 
i also have the cutter as well 

if you would like it i can send the file to you
i must point out that i did not create this pep file
but it has amazing detail

Hey, if you're still around, could you hook me up with that file?


will you please send me the file I would love if you could do that.

please do it as soon as possible


thank allot =)

V-007 cassus113 years ago
Hey man, if you are still around, could you send that Dead Space helmet file for pepakura to Festa.Thomas@yahoo.com. I appreciate it.
V-007 cassus113 years ago
Hey man, if you are still around, could you send that Dead Space helmet file for pepakura to Festa.Thomas@yahoo.com. I appreciate it.
Hi, If you could email me a copy of the pep file it would be greatly appreciated. fraterd@gmail.com
Can you send it tome too please, I will appreciate it! christian.domini@gmail.com
Can you send me the files? jcastro716@gmail.com
Can you please send me the link to robwise@sbcglobal.net. My son will love this. Can't wait to try it. Thanks in advance.
Can you send me the link to churroboy831@yahoo.com please this looks fun to make
thats so cool could you send me the files. kylemccullough1@hotmail.com
Hey can you sen me the printouts at sawyer.mannix@gmail.com
Hey man,just like everyone here i've been digging around to find this piece to no avail...
Could you send a copy to conspiracybrotha@hotmail.com for me? Thx in advance
I'm trying to make the costume now but that helmet would be great! Please send it to me as:

Your helmet looks amazing!!

I'm making my 9 yr old son the Dead Space Rig for halloween and i'm getting frustrated that there's not very many place or sites that i can find blueprint for the suit or helmet.

You've mention something about a file that helped you make the helmet you've done. I'd appreciate it very much if you could please help me out and send me the file.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

could you send me the files??? bpayzant@live.ca
Please can you send me these files i soooo badly want to make this helmet deamon_of_life@hotmail.co.uk
can you send me a copy of those files katzmatt@aol.com? thanks a bunch
could you please send me the file to luis.4rturo@hotmail.com it would be great if you could do that because I'm triying to make the mask and it's hard to find this file. Thank you
Please i need that file i want to know how to make the mask i have been looking forever ..... please email it to attucker97@yahoo.com
could you please send the pepakura files to nickgibbons@comcast.net ? i've been looking for a cheap way to make this helmet, and i finally found it
Please send me the files to dobbinselijah@yahoo.com
Hello, is there any way you can send the file for this to me? I'd like to make the DS costume for Halloween this year and this Pep file looks amazing.
Hey, I know you've probably gotten about one million of these requests... But, can you please e-mail me the pepakura files to: girlovestacos@catlover.com
I would really, really appreciate it. I am panicking right now cause I don't have any way to make the helmet.
hello i'm a big fan of dead space lives in south korea.
someday i though it will be so awesome if i can make issac's helmet
so i tried to get a pep file but could never find it
so could you pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me those helmet and cutter file?
I'll very appreicate you.
thank you

May I also have the files for the helmet and the cutter?

Thanx :)
hey, ive been looking for the file and can never find it, if you can plzzzzzz send me the file? itll make my day thank you
-the great gary oak
jokray cassus115 years ago
I love this game and the project turned out amazing i want to make this out if sheet metal and make it a desk lamp, but i have no specs to go off of. if you could please send me a copy of the measurements and the file i would be so greatful XD my email is: jaccobokray@ymail.com

thank you for taking the time to read this!!
I am also very sorry, but i know you've heard this many times before now but if you can send me the file i would appreciate it. My email is 'Kevinruiz09@gmail.com'
thank you!
I'm sorry to bother you with another, "Can you send me this file please? My email is Symbiosis22@gmail.com" but I will, thank you
If you could send me the file for the dead space helmet that would be great. My e-mail is galactus069@yahoo.com
lcd667 cassus115 years ago
It would be awesome if you could send that file to me at- lcd667@gmail.com
It would be great if you could send me the file at- seth_montana@yahoo.com
and by chance do you know who made the file? thanks.
geneck cassus115 years ago
My young son asked me to help him make this helmet and weapon for him for Halloween. I am in a panic. Could you PLEASE! send me the file to create on Papakura. I would be very appreciative. My email is gene.ck@hotmail.com. I will be waiting for it in anticipation. Thanks!
nbunce cassus115 years ago
That's awesome... Are you still sending out files, or have you posted it somewhere for download? :) Would love to nab a copy if they're still going ^_^
OMG!!!! Can you please send this email to me!!! Ryanrossin@yahoo.com I know you probably have like a million of these requests but i gotta see it! if it's not too much trouble to...thanks And how much was it to build and how long did it take?
You've probably grown tired of these requests but can you please e-mail it to me too? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Jimmyneedle@aol.com
can you send it to my email too??

I want to make this costume for my nephew for his upcoming birthday on october and he really loves Isaac from deadspace 1 and 2


I really am thankful if it will be sent to me or my email (mul_mol@yahoo.com)

Thanks in advance Sir :D
Could you send me the files, I'm thinking about starting my prototype as cardboard and after that I'm going to try to weld it and make the helmet out of metal =) cugamoonscale@yahoo.com
Could you send the files to Wolfindemonsclothing@gmail.com ?

Thanks muchly!
Ha, you've probably gotten loads of requests for it, but it'd be great if you could send the pep file one more time. thanks. crazynerd@ymail.com
cmoon1 cassus116 years ago
could you send me the pep file at moon.chris3@gmail.com :) thanks :)
jteed cassus116 years ago
see me a copy josephteed21@gmail.com
bdave1 cassus116 years ago
would you mind sending me a copy of the pep files billdv58@gmail.com
Would you mind sending me a copy as well @5t4rw1nd87@gmail.com. Thanks!
Hey can you send me a copy of the Pep files? My email is bigjohn9397@yahoo.com Thanks in advanced!
Could you please send me the file as well? My email is zisser13@fuse.net
hey ya can u send me the pep file @ nickispace@aol.com thnxs
hi i cant seem to find a deadspace pep file so i was wondering if you could send it to me at npvader@yahoo.com.au i would be verry grateful if you did thanks
maya28 cassus116 years ago
Yes...can I please get this file sent to me as well? - Appreciate it very much! :)
e-mail; xterra07@frontiernet.net. Thank You very much.
Hmff cassus116 years ago
Can you send me the dead space pepakura file to me?
can u please send me that dead space pep file my e-mail is darkscourge22@yahoo.com if u can send it to me that would be great thnx
sflye cassus116 years ago
Would you please send me or tell me how I can get the file to make the Deadspace costume? Please..
Send me the files at dr.kool01@hotmail.com
wondering if you could send me the file for the helmet please at Black_heaven152@hotmail.com
How do you open the file? I downloaded the files and I was wondering what I need to open it.
Hey Phantom. Can you send me the files please? How did yours turn out? Idsnowlock@yahoo.com
I don't have it any more. But you can get it here ^_^ http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nwomow3qjhe I never made it really as I don't have the tools to print it. But good luck on yours.
You have to download the Pepakura Viewer, Its totally free. I'll post the link for you. http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/viewer.html Hope it helps you out! ^^
Hey can your send me the files please. I'm going to start on this as soon as I'm done with the DELTA from bioshock 2. Idsnowlock@yahoo.com
can you pm me the file or email it to clockworkatrocity@gmail.com? that helmet is AWESOME
Can you please pm me the pepekura files
Could you pm me the file?
may i have the file?
ceduardo102 years ago

Hi please send me pepakura files !!!


treawan2 years ago

pls send me pepakura files


thanx buddy

mrknowte3 years ago
this is awesome! if you could send those files to mr.knowte@gmail.com too. it would be much appreciated...
passem para o meu i mail yuri.sakarp@hotmail.com
Tonyfatumvw4 years ago
Is there a chance I got get those pep files too?? Email is apc92282@yahoo.com :-D
Fancytaco5 years ago
I need someone to send me the file on those measurments it would be greatly appreciated.
Bavel5 years ago
I'm going to try to make the helmet using sheet metal and foam to pad it
jembobully5 years ago
hi, i think this is just freakin awesome and i would really love some instructions or guide lines to how to make one, would it be alright if you could send it to jem.rowe@me.com, thank you anyway for being cool.
ags25 years ago
could you send me the files plz beto_gs95@hotmail.com :3
Hello there! Can You send me the files Too? Send here wolfensco@gmail.com Really thanks!! Good Job!
lepordboy5 years ago
Hi can you please send me the pep files to squidaly@gmail.com Thank You!
SarahTerese5 years ago
Please send me the files :3 gobanana101@hotmail.com
Thank you! :D
hcrane5 years ago
Send me on also kind sir augie1811@gmail.com
kmccullar5 years ago
Please send me file. revan_36@comcast.net
tristan19866 years ago
I'm very interested in that pep file
Email: stuffedup52@hotmail.com

ds2226 years ago
dude i just joined and ive been looking every were for instructions like that if u send them to me id be gratful
I don't have an instructable on it because I didn't make it. I was asking if anyone else had any instructables on something similar. I found the pic somewhere on the internet. I am a HUGE Dead Space fan. But time and money has prevented me from even attempting to make it out of creativity. lol If I run into any leads I will for sure let you know! Good luck! -miles
Trey Bochat6 years ago
I'm very curiouse. What materials did you end up using for the helmet? I can see that the visor is a mesh but I cannot tell if the helmet is foam or plastic or some sort of medium. If you lit up the mask, could you still see through it? And finally, would you be willing to sell the finished product or replica? I'd pay a pretty penny!
Isaac Clark8 years ago
Hey Craft! This is not the helmet from game! Play it and look at the details!!! You`ll see it! Of course, i made a suite too :-)! My helmet is finisht and some parts of arm-armor and the rig! ( painting is under construction! I use a plastic named SIMONA ( i came from germany, don´t know how it called in the states!?!) I would like to post some pics of my stuff but it don´t work :-( !!! Good luck for your work!
Take a look at how people build halo costumes and storm trooper costumes. Vacuum forming would be a good method as it produces a light and durable end-product. It can get pricey, but in the end you'll have a satisfying costume and a very useful tool. Cardboard can be cut and shaped into structures like this. It will also be pretty light. It'll require a great deal of precision in handcrafting and it may not be very durable. This may be the cheapest method. The front details on the helmet you've shown me look like they could be shaped out of MDF or any soft wood. This would require a little knowledge in the workshop, but woodworking is familiar territory for many and you should be able to find help near home. Best of luck!
Foamie could be used for most of it. Two pc fans will probably blow your head off.