How to make a Gravity Boots pair ?

How to make a Gravity Boots pair ?
Hi guys,to start, excuse me for my bad english i'm a frenchy guy and i start with the english.
If i come here today, it's because i would like to make a pair of Inversion Boots (or gravity boots), as this one :
It's for my back health =P
I thinked that it could be possible with an old pair of ski boots, or to do all, with a PVC pipe, but i don't know how to join the wo parts.
So be cool if my english is too bad, i will progress.
Thanks ;)

no-fonte (author) 7 years ago
Yeah i've already tried this, but it's not the same thing =( I've found it : But i don't understand all :s
rickharris7 years ago
You might be better off making a tilt table see here

The risk of falling is less and it has a similar effect

Vous pourriez être mieux faire une table basculante voir ici

Le risque de chute est moins et il a un effet similaire
no-fonte (author) 7 years ago
thank's dude, in facts it could be simple to do it with ski boots. If i can't find it, have you got so ideas ?
XOIIO7 years ago
Well ski boots are a good start, look at the design and more pictures and try to match it. I'm not sure what you would use for the straps.