How to make a San Disk micro SD work with the Kingston SD adapter?

long story... dose anyone know how?

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abdul_1238 years ago
there is nothing wrong with the adapter just try again and it will work
sketch6648 years ago
i have a similar problem but when i try to drag my music files from one folder to my mSD folder it says the disk is write protected i'm not very good with tech so how can i make it work?
The adapter should work fine, even if it's from another brand. If you've never used the card before, or it's new, try formatting it and it might fix whatever problem you're having.
Oh, and clean the contacts from both cards with a fine non-scratching cloth, dirty contacts can cause a "memory card error" to show up.
Maybe provide some details about what isn't working, what you've tried, etc.
NamasteNick (author)  Cartermarquis8 years ago
i tryed to but it said memory card error