How to make a "Timed" LED Color Sequencer ?

I would like a "timed" LED Color Sequencer. So instead of a board that flips between leds or strobes I want it to stay in a color for a couple of minutes.

Ex: green for 3mins, then fade to red for 3mins, then fade to blue for 3mins then fade back to green..
Time as 3mins is just a example but must be for a longer period then just a fade and longer then just a couple of sec.

It must be driven with small batteries, must be driven on its own so no interference of people as a touchpad to switch/fade.How would one do such a idea, do I need to have a microproc or can I skip that ?

captm99 (author) 6 years ago
Any links to stores, I mean so I can see components-wise how you see it. Myself is really a beginner in electronics, but learning as I go :)
Look out for "Arduino" boards on Google. They'll do 90% of the work you need.
Use a micro, its by far the easiest method.