How to make a yoga hammock?

I'd like to do antigravity yoga. The class is centered around a soft fabric hammock, which supports you in basic yoga poses but also allows you to swing. The fabric hammock seems so easy to sew but I don't know where to begin. What's the fabric? How big is it? How do you place it? Any suggestions? www.halogenlife.com/shared_assets/images/0002/8911/antigravityyoga_crunch.jpg

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DivaB2 years ago

Can you point me in the direction on how to make an areial yoga stand. Thank you :)

chiet2 years ago


Doctor What7 years ago
 Suprise!  This has been answered before.

Apparently it is a good idea to leave self suspension mechanisms to the professionals.


It would be more helpfull if you left us with some links on where you could buy an anti-gravity hammock.
iovsjupiter (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
nice! should I delete my question then?
It leaves the answered question for the next person who searches for the same thing.

You could go ahead and pick  the best answer.
 I don't think it matters.  Just leave it.