How to make a balloon powered paintball gun that shoots over 100 fps?

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Rdav-6 years ago
Loads of people have done this, i dunno the science of how it works but you just need a paintball sized tube and attach a medium sized balloon to the end of it, there are loads of videos of people doing it on youtube, anyway why don't you just ask your friend how he did it? it might be more successful than any ides you can find on youtube.
Paintballer98 (author)  Rdav-6 years ago
he wont tell me how he did it though
Have you actually seen his gun? because if not he's probably lying.
But if you have seen it then what did it look like? you might be able to build it from memory or the like.
Paintballer98 (author)  Rdav-6 years ago
Yeah, i have seen it but i learned he had it the hard way (welts,bleeding ouch)
Oh. haven't you actually seen it then?
orksecurity6 years ago
I don't think a balloon is going to provide enough pressure to do that.
Paintballer98 (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
my friend did it