How to make a bulb?

Actually I know how to make a bulb, but the problem is that I don't have any tungsten for the filament. Can you tell me any other alternatives for my bulb?

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You could use doubled up steel wool. It is available in almost every grocery shop, even though it won't last long , it will glow bright.
caarntedd3 years ago
I saw a TV show where a guy made his own lightbulb from scratch. When it didn't work as good as he wanted, he replaced the filament with a mechanical pencil "lead" to see what would happen, and it lit up very well.
iceng caarntedd3 years ago
Impressive, do you know if it was hard lead like a 4H or soft lead 1/2H ?
caarntedd iceng3 years ago
I don't know. I don't remember the name of the program (if you want to research it) but each episode he scratch built (most of the components of) some item such as a lawnmower or a toaster, then tested it. They worked poorly and cost thousands of dollars to make, but it was interesting to see him make his own glass, copper (from a solution retrieved from the bottom of a mine), plastic, steel, aluminium etc.
The man's name is Thomas Thwaites. He scratch built a toaster and subsequently wrote a book called "The Toaster Project". I think the TV series may also be called The Toaster Project.
iceng3 years ago
Why don't liberate a filament from an incandescent bulb and use that !
ever practical :-)
rickharris3 years ago
Charred cotton thread
Charred bamboo strip
Any old thin wire
New materials:

A sliver of carbon fibre
Pencil lead
Practically anything that will conduct electricity

You won't get a result as good as a commercial lamp though.
Carbon fibre would be a great way to do it - but the OP should bear in mind the carbon filament bulbs were only powered to a bright red, not white heat.
Even in Eddistone's days they used arc lamps or Lime light for a white light.

There is a lot of information on line about the history of bulb making.