How to make a commercially viable photovoltaic cells?

Please mind that I live in India. If possible please send me links to acquire the material required for the same.

kelseymh8 years ago
If you have access to a silicon-wafer fabrication facility, it's easy. Otherwise you'll need a few million dollars to build a lab-sized fab.
While it is not exactly a dye-sensitized photovoltaic cell, there is an extremely inexpensive method that converts solar energy to fuel at reasonable efficiencies.

jeff-o8 years ago
There are companies spending millions of dollars on exotic materials and tooling and infrastructure to build viable solar cells. As an individual I think you'd be better off working on wind power - it's far more feasible.
lemonie8 years ago
I should just buy them, as most of the difficulty/cost is in the materials rather than the assembly. These any good?