How to make a custom keypad connect to a pc via USB?

Hello, so instead of a keypad its is actually a full fledged keyboard that I made with custom keys and design and all. The problem is I don't know how to make it communicate with my pc. Any ideas? Also before hooking this up with an arduino which IC should I use? Thank you!

mh76dk4 years ago
seems v-usb is the way to go (i have not used it but seen it referenced a few times). here is a link to a (simpler) keyboard to build on:
anj17 (author)  mh76dk4 years ago
I went through the v-usb project you referenced. In the programming section of the project I wasn't quite sure how the keys where mapped. In the program keys A-Z and 0-9 where defined but I didn't understand how those definition related to the actual key press. Is there anything else I could try?
mh76dk anj174 years ago
I can not help you with the actual programming as I have never used arduinos (or any atmel micro). Perhaps someone else knows more about the dirty details of v-usb or alternative solutions.
anj17 (author)  mh76dk4 years ago
Thank you for the help so far. I found the teensy usb development board which can be interfaced with the arduino and the coding part for the arduino is easy. So I think I am going to use that.