How to make a fast speed clock?

I'm trying to make a clock which its hands move fast, as fast as around 30rpm. Preferably it will cycle like a regular clock, just sped up. Should I attach a motor to the set hand dial on the back?

The motor I have at the moment is a DC motor 12v 36rpm except it is really noisy and it needs to be powered by batteries, and I don't think it will last for the length of time I need it to, around 2-3 hours of continuous rotation. 

How do I attach it so the motor controls the dial? Do I need to use gears? I'm after the simplest, most efficient solution, please help me!

If you started out with a battery powered clock, you might be able to change the electronics to pulse a lot faster.
theclash77 (author) 4 years ago
Hmm but what benefits would it have over a dc motor? And do you mean connect it to the dial on the back of the clock? How would that work?
Silent, small, no gears.
Use a very very small stepper motor ?