How to make a flashlight out of a non used energizer battery, AA?

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munchman8 years ago
Wait... Do you want to power a flashlight using the battery or dig out the batt and put a torch in it?
vpiev (author)  munchman8 years ago
both appreciated :)
munchman vpiev8 years ago
Well, making a torch is pretty simple, you just connect a small light bulb to a battery and switch, but using a battery as the casing for a torch would be possible, but difficult, and you would have trouble opening the AA battery. There is some dangerous stuff inside.
Non-alkaline batteries are safer to gut and only have a powder inside.
Really? Cool. Not to say I don't trust you but do you have proof (images or video). Have you done it yourself. It seems like a cool project.
vpiev (author)  Default1178 years ago
i'm nearly finished with my project. i used a non alkaline battery for it, a small led light for the light bulb, and also a mini switch off from a christmas light set. hope it works out.
Sweet. What's the power source?
I would have thought some type of watch battery
Watch batteries are too wide. AG13 button cells look like they could fit though.
munchman vpiev8 years ago
instructable by any chance?
vpiev (author)  Default1178 years ago
yeah....i guess i forgot about that X/
vpiev (author)  munchman8 years ago
sounds complicated...but i'mma give it a try thanks! :D