How to make a functional sonic screwdriver?

What sort of technology could one fit into something the size of The doctor's screwdriver? I was thinking about maybe a universal remote, an rf/if one maybe a small laser (100-500 mW) maybe a function generator with an antenna and a frequency generator with a speaker or something, just to make it be sonic. Making it clear, not just a prop but with some interesting functions. Any suggestions? Also if possible anything that can be salvaged from old equipment and electronics that can be used please say it.

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zachH114 years ago
I know I may be a little late to comment about this.. But if you are still checking this, have you made the design or the actual screwdriver yet? If so can you show me the design or send me a screwdriver? I mean I will pay, I'm not expecting it to be free. But I've been searching and trying to find a good screwdriver or a good way to make one. And you guys seem pretty capable.
iceng zachH114 years ago
Take your pick.
zachH11 iceng4 years ago
What? Pick of what?
iceng zachH114 years ago
Click your mouse on the red word pick.  ;¬P
zachH11 iceng4 years ago
Oh...I feel dumb. But thanks man. Which one do you think is the best? In terms of what does the most?
iceng zachH114 years ago
there were five yesterday !

My ideal SS would unlock my car.
zachH11 iceng4 years ago
I only ever saw the four. And ohh, that would be cool. I never thought of that. But, I really want to find one that does a bunch of stuff. Not just like, one thing.
tnobre5 years ago
Hello, I would be willing to participate and cooperate, I have some ideas:

There is already a sonic screwdriver universal IR remote, the mark VII, you can use it to instal some other thing like the EMP generator or even a laser diode.

I have experience with electronics and robotic so I can help.
Plz answer me.
nathanid955 years ago
I've been considering this for a while, I came up with a schematic for a high-speed rotating electromagnet, though I'm not exactly sure what I'd do with it...

I also drew up a blueprint for an adjustable frequency transmitter (to block radio signals), one with an IR transmitter (though I don't have the knowledge to make it work on TV's) and one with an EMP generator.

Though the EMP would be the hardest to squeeze into such a small device, I think with a lead cone around the emitter it would be the most useful. If I'm right, it would even short out some electronic locks, giving it some real sonic screwdriver functionality. Anyone willing to collaborate?
Tell you what ill collaborate with you. If you could put all that into a single screwdriver it would be great and very useful. Some people have also talked about making it so that it can turn computers on and even a channel changer. The fact that you have schematics for the parts is a huge help it would just be a case of getting the parts and making it small enough to fit into a normal screwdriver size. as gor the design you would want something that would allow flexibility so you can put more in. i would suggest making a mix of david tennant's and matt smith's e.g .. the extention for david tennant's would allow more room for more tech whereas matt smith's 'claws' could be used as a transmitter for the radio jammer. as for the TV i think its just a matter of getting the right frequency (or you could buy a universal channel changer for cheap and replicate it smaller). but yeh i would love to help make something like this.
oh and sorry about the 7 month wait for an answer. i only just found this page. i think it would be difficult to fit an EMP generator into a screwdriver ive seen small ones online and even their quite big.
pporrtterr5 years ago
You know, you could also use the Doctor's "Sonic Cane" idea and get more out of it (meaning fit more into it).
TheeDoctor6 years ago
I'm actually working on the exact same thing, iv decided on a burning laser like a hundred mW or so watered suits my preferences and I'm also making a metal shell istead of the plastic prop one, I'm debating between David tenants or Matt smiths right now cause I'm liking matts smiths if u could help me out and keep me updated with any info u can get I would appreciate it...thanks and good luck!
iceng6 years ago
I would talk to the writing staff of the popular TV show Dr. Who about his favorite pocket tool.
lemonie7 years ago
Can you define what this does / will do?
Without a clear function in mind it's not so easy to answer.

amelius (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I was looking along the lines of a multi functional device, in short, anything i can fit into it goes. infra red communications disruptor, bluetooth hack, micro marx generator, small laser, emp, high frequency sound generator that animals can hear kind of like a dog whistle, a universal IR or radio control, anything that can be fit and is cordless goes. any ideas, designs? i can get it printed on flex circuit if needed. Literally anything useful and cool, maybe even a small lockpick. seriously, any piece of tech one can crap into something that small works.
lemonie amelius7 years ago

Hmm that's several different things.

We could advise on each, but you'd struggle to crap them into something small works.


Have a look here for starters:

rickharris7 years ago
TV begone