How to make a home made power supply for a speaker more than 20W?

A type of amplifier for additional external speakers

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lemonie8 years ago
Try this?
Most people seem to be using single chips these days unless they're using valves...

I'm making a speaker box for my bike for a class project and i don't know how to power it ...
You need an amp' for it, or a power supply? L
Sawanlive (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Thanks but not too satisfy Though can you tell me making a amplifer with a computer power supply
You won't have the parts you need in a computer power supply. If you don't want to buy single chips, you'd have to build circuits with transistors - do you fancy doing something more complicated than the circuits in that link or the one sound91 posted?

sound918 years ago
Here is a link to a 22 watt amplifier, so it should work just fine for what you are doing.

It is also stereo, so if you only needed mono, just do only half of it.