How to make a homemade drill press?

I dont have a drill press at home because it cost too much for me but it is really easy to drill on anything if you have this kind of power tool. I have a portable hand drill and I am thinking of fabricating a holder for this as if I am using a drill press. Can someone help me out how to do it if it is possible to transform my hand drill into a drill press? Many thanks and more power to Instructables.

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Yonatan248 months ago
barneytomb7 years ago
I have two links that may help: This one is here on Instructables that looks just like what you are wanting:
The other three are different drill presses that you can build from scratch.
They each have their merits and the plans are free.

I love those old how to make your own tools books, but I think I'm too stupid to understand those instructions. I've been staring at them for a few hours now and my head is spinning.
jeff-o8 years ago
Yeah, drill presses are pretty inexpensive. Look around at classified ads, kijiji, craigslist and garage sales.
glorybe jeff-o6 years ago
Also getting a good drill press is not as easy as many think. Many commercial products really aren't very good at all. Flex in the unit is one huge issue particularly if you use large bits in hard materials. And even limited production runs can require way too much time to be lost if only one good press is in a shop.
sharlston8 years ago
i made one with my cordless drill it had two pieces of wood at the side of my drill to guide it down they were bolted down to my workbench then i just pushed it down using the wood at the side to guide it down
jtobako8 years ago
Prfesser8 years ago
A small drill press, but with larger capacity than most hand drills, can be had for about $40-50 on sale. Check the places that sell cheap tools off the truck.

It's possible to make a complete machine shop starting with scrap aluminum. I built the lathe but stopped there...for now. See the Gingery books at Start with the foundry, then the lathe...

Wow, great books. I'm going to order Locomotives and Coffin building soon.
Re-design8 years ago
kevinhannan8 years ago
I just had a quick thought, which may or may not, I offer it to be developed by the esteemed minds on here...or foir it to be shot down.. ;-) A pair of interlocking (?) drawer-runners can provide for a vertical spine; one half (back?) of which can be secured on a plinth for stability, the other half of which carries the drill. Some drills have a small hole dead centre on the handle to allow it to be used in a manufactured drill-press while there are collars that can be used at the business end the drill thus securing the entire drill to the front half of the drawer-runner. For a quick plumb drill I have a pair of stout wooden right-angle guides. I use a pair so that I can set one square to one side of the drill and the other square to the top of the drill so that I know it is perpendicular to both sides. I can hold both squares in one hand and drill in the other.
Re-design8 years ago
You can buy a press for a hand drill from the net for about $30.