How to make a lifesized tree?

Need to create an abstract large tree, preferably out of recycled materials. Looking for suggestions.

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poofrabbit6 years ago
Will it go inside or outside? Does it need to be movable?
kelseymh6 years ago
Your Forum topic is more appropriate for this sort of open-ended discussion. You might want to consider deleting this Question.
stncilr6 years ago
Sonotube, the tube made for pouring concrete forms. expandable foam, insulation foam chicken wire etc...
Cardboard would seem like an OK choice for the bark. You could also roll it up into a cylinder to make the trunk and branches.

Maybe you could make leaves by cutting them out of the plastic from pop bottles, like the green tinted kind that Mountain dew comes in.

NatNoBrains6 years ago
In our school we have a metal pipe tree in which the trunk is made of piping and the leaves are made from coloured glass.