How to make a lighted dog collar?

The days are getting shorter and my time at the dog park involves some darkness. I don't want to lose my dogs and I don't want the same lighted collar like everyone else purchased. Lighted collars out there are very limited in style AND expensive.

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kiffer3608 years ago
 Electroluminescent wire is probably your best bet. It is waterproof, if done right. however, you need a converter- these are cheap, about six bucks for a small one. there are several instructables on how to solder the EL wire. I am unaware of power draw, so the LED string might be a better bet.
Astros (author)  kiffer3608 years ago
I like this idea. I know nothing about it so am looking into it. Does seem like a good option.
seandogue8 years ago
If you're willing to DIY the collar, how about a EL wire?
lemonie8 years ago
How about this?
LED thing/


I like that.

Make sure it's waterproof.  You don't want it getting water inside and going off just when you need it most.