How to make a metal detector?

Pheewww.....SCIENCE project!!

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sf49ers4 years ago

I made my metal detector by getting a small, handheld radio and a calculator. First you turn on the radio to AM and find a station with just static and then you turn on the calculator and tape it to the back of the radio. When it detects metal the static should get louder.

Toby Robb4 years ago
Metal detection relies on detecting the increase in the induction of a coil when it gets iron as its core. You basically have to build an induction meter.
How does that work with gold then ?
Iron is the only thing that conducts magnetic fields really well, so its the one that effects inductance in a coil the most. I think the other ways to detect other metals are sending a pulse with one coil and detecting the pulse with another. Nearby metals cause a delay in the pulse i believe.
Precisely. So inductance is not the only method of detecting metals..
rickharris4 years ago
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