How to make a pcb board?.Please note I have only a Dot-Matrix Printer.

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ss30004 years ago
I agree with mpilchfamily, it's and simple, get a fine tip sharpie and a ruler and go at it. If you make a mistake just wipe it off. I have also used rub on transfers that you could get at radio shack but I searched and could not find them listed on the website.
I tip I picked up some time ago was to (of course while wearing gloves) use a sponge and wipe the etchant lightly on the board over a plastic container.
Take a piece of copper clad and a permanent marker and you can draw out your own circuit on the board and etch it. While it may be a crude method it works and it's cheap.
I buy negative photo resist from China. This stuff is fairly simple to use however you will need to make or buy a UV light box to expose the photo resist. To print your circuit you just need to print a negative image of it onto some tracing paper so the UV light can go through it.

Here's the link:
Also because of the dot print you will probably need to go over the tracks with a fine permanent texta
UV is definitely the best method.
Raji Nainar (author) 4 years ago
I do have a circuit board with me!.
And no circuit board ?