How to make a pill reminder?

Pill reminder is considered a box with different chambers for storing drugs.The reminder is more like alarm clock the reminds the patient when exactly can take his/her drugs. I saw a lot of pill reminders but I"m dying to learn how to make one.

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Kalrag7 years ago
Ok what you do is this. Take an old alarm clock and out fit it with speakers and a recorder that will shout...PILL TIME!!! That should get your attention.
janw7 years ago
d2j58 years ago
what is also a good idea is what lemonie posted a little while ago about the ice cube tray. im just going to add that a electric alarm clock can be all the timer you would need to remind you.
lemonie8 years ago
You could start with an ice-cube tray? L
d2j5 lemonie8 years ago
i like that idea because its large and easly noticed
ScienceMMM8 years ago
You could try making a program in Flash that sets off a loud sound at certain dates and times. I have done such a thing for another application, and it is very effective.
well, at the 1st i thought you want to make pill that can remind you.. ROFL how about mobile phone?? at the clock settings you can set alarm, and you can add description also.. and better you should buy pocket for your phone, so you can put your pill too~
logghi8 years ago
start off with some sort of a hard box (like wood) to put the pills in. then get one of those sets that you use in science lessons at school (includes a light a battery and a few crocoldile clip wires) or you could just find the things in pound stores. most importantly, the set should contain a timer (the ones at my school did) wire up the circuit and put the battery in the box and the light somewhere so it is visible. tada!
I used to use a basic pillbox with a cheap digital watch glued to it. My watch was a timex with broken-off strap... but yours can be a dollar store item.
That's an idea. I should go find one of those.
Im sure with a few other dollar-store finds you can pretty-it up too... mine was terribly ugly.
Phil B8 years ago
I set an alarm on my cell phone to remind me to take a daily medication. There is no extra investment if you already have a cell phone.
tink12728 years ago
I think I know what you mean. a pill box that has an alarm on it to notify you when to take your meds? I need something like that. Everything I've seen have been realy expensive. Especially when you can't use anything near you (at work - no cell phones, no alarms on the computer, etc) as an alarm. I often forget to take my meds on time. Good luck!
keydogstony8 years ago
This is what your looking for. Cheaper to just buy it.