How to make a powerful strobe light using a camera flash unit for the purpose of slowing down motion in dance clubs?

Please provide a circuit design to build a stroboscope (from a camera flash unit) for dance parties. Also please tell what flash rate is suited for slowing down motion in such an environment. It would be great if you could publish an instructable or provide a diagram. Thanks in advance.

Re_designs circuit suggestion is a good one, but be aware that a camera tube cannot be flashed at stroboscopic rates and camera brightness for more than a very few cycles. You have to sacrifice flash energy against life.

Damn, forgot ot post a link to Don Klipsteins site
frollard8 years ago
In my experience, in a darkened environment, almost any speed strobe less than 20 hz will have a 'slowing' vertigo effect.  somewhere around the 3-9hz mark can get quite disorienting.

Trouble with a camera flash 'out of the box' is it's not powerful enough to charge the drive capacitor fast enough off a battery - it takes quite a bit of power to make such a bright burst.  The other problem is a camera flash, while it does use the same bulb, is not powerful enough to really 'light up' a room.  Next time you see a real party strobe, check out the size of the bulb.  The big ones have GIGANTIC 6" flash tubes, while the cheap party ones have a 1" tube.
Re-design8 years ago
Here's a good circuit.  It even calls for a camera flash tube.  It will need a timer to strobe it but if you google 555 timer many suitable adjustable timers will come up.