How to make a simple IR remote and the Receiver circuit?

I have an Pot with dc motor (i dont know how they are named). I want to command the dc motor to go the volume up and down. What i need and how i do it? Please help !!

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danyelo (author) 3 years ago
i understand in english too. i can get the components, but the main problem is
efficiency/cost/importance. This is the First Role in my vision. I don`t know what to search. I search like: "motorised pot IR remote 2 commands" and nothing what i want. That is why i ask here. Experienced people in this domain knows what to look for, but I?
Its called a "motorised pot". Is it one made by ALPS ?
danyelo (author)  steveastrouk3 years ago
I don`t know. I recovered it from an old Russian TV !! I try it at an 9V battery and it turn slowly, so it works. I tought if i make an circuit for reversing the polarity i can do it with an IR with only 2 commands. I think it was a rookie mistake to think that !!
Its only a question of making a simple two code IR circuit, its not too hard to do, and you don't need a computer ! Try your local electronics shop, see if they have a kit. Making the motor turn will be pretty easy.
danyelo (author)  steveastrouk3 years ago
But i have a lot of component ... i think i can do it, i google it, but i don`t know what to write to give me the right and easy IR to make that pot to turn from an remote ... I`m in the stage of making things, not buy them...that is why i`m asking here !!
Easier to look for things yourself, and understand them in Romanian ! And a lot depends on what you can buy locally in the way of parts
Would help to know the specs of the motor. But you will need a motor driver to control the motor and some means of sending commands to the drive. Be it a micro controller or other device.
danyelo (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago
I understand, so without microcontroller i do nothing. I tought if i put some components i can do it :)) I`m a noob,so please don`t judge me !! Thank you !!
It's doable with other components.