How to make a simple microphone circuit?

I want to make a simple circuit with a microphone that just takes your voice and sends it to a speaker. I just want to understand how to hook up a mic.  I know it will either be very quiet or silent, but like i said, i just want to know how to connect it. (I already know how to make the amp.)Thanks in advance.

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I am guessing that you are thinking of an electret microphone, the one in the little button sized can, with an internal FET pre-amp.  There is sort of a trick to supplying power to the pre-amp.

jules15 (author)  Jack A Lopez7 years ago
sweet thanks
The attached circuit diagram was pulled from the Wiki article. 10 Kohm is typical value for the resistor.  Also I have seen designs that don't use the DC blocking capacitor.  These just look like a voltage divider made from a 10K resistor and the electret mic.
That depends on the type of microphone you are using. Is it a:
1.) Dynamic ?
2.) Electret ?
3.) Electrostatic ?
4.) Piezo ?
5.) Carbon ?
Most likely it will be from 1-4, but probably 1 or 2. Give me an idea of the type and I will help you the best I can.

jules15 (author)  Quercus austrina7 years ago
its an electret
Here's a LINK to a page that will do exactly what you want. Use the second schematic on the page.

orksecurity7 years ago
Microphone to amplifier to speaker. Needs to be a fairly strong amplifier, so the usual approach is actually microphone to preamp to amp to speaker.