How to make a simple sound activated robot with simple motions?

Hi to everyone! I am new here and will really appreciate any help or advice on my project. Truth is, i am very new to electronics and thus, have little knowledge on how to proceed with my project. In summary, my project is basically creating a friend(robot) that will activate upon receiving electrical impulse from a mic. The motion it will have is basically the lighting up of LEDs (for the eyes) and the head tilting upwards (using servo or DC motor idk...) when sound is detected. However, i want the motions to be there for 30 secs even after there is no more sound before reverting back. I have done many research regarding this but it is just too complicated for me to understand. I would really appreciate it if the solution or advice is simple enough for beginner to understand. Also, i don't want "clap" activated, i want it to be sound activated like simply speaking normally. And i hope to avoid using micro controllers.
I would probably ask even more questions in the future, so, hope i will get along well with everyone here!
p.s this project is a very scaled down version because i wouldn't be able to handle the full scale electronics...

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AGTx2 years ago

Its free. I had made it from MIT app inventor

AGTx2 years ago

according to the following peoples it is a very hard thing to do but I say it will be very easy if u know only the basics as I do.

contact me in my email - ahmedatique007@gmail.

You can ask any type of questions regarding this topic and I will let you know the answers.

And one more thing, I have already made an app for you to control arduino.

iceng AGTx2 years ago

How much for the app ?

AGTx2 years ago

I will make a project just as you told but sorry friend a micro controllers is essential for most of the robotics. I hope that you will agree with it.

If you want we can make this project together.

DIYfreshie (author)  AGTx2 years ago

Hi AtiqueA, thx for the reply! Really appreciate it. I will definitely try out your advice Soon! Waiting for the Holiday Season to hit once exams are over :)

AGTx2 years ago

This question is very interesting.

If you want to make a voice controlled robot i would prefer you to make an app for android from MIT app inventor in which you must make your voice command and then using a bluetooth module you can make your voice command to send it to micro-controller (i will prefer Arduino) and this command will make an output(motion) in your robot.

If you need my help in Arduino or app inventor just request me.

iceng2 years ago

A special kind of microcomputer IC known as a DSP Digital Signal Processor can

differentiate between a clap and speech it is a most difficult CPU you can tackle but depending on your DIQ Drive and IQ you can do it.... I have a very good friend who tough himself to use one and is now coding digital PBX cards in native code.

rickharris2 years ago

With your limited electronics experience I would suggest this is too ambitious for you to succeed.

I say over and over again START small, progress and learn. At some point you will know enough to see how you can achieve your ultimate aim.

Almost certainly your going to need to grasp microprocessors for this project as it is, even in your simplified state, quite complex.

RC servos are easiest to get movement but need some special signals to get them moving.

Sound is sound no matter where it comes from so electronics won't differentiate between a clap and speech, it's all the same.

is a good start to understanding microprocessors.

DIYfreshie (author)  rickharris2 years ago

Thanks Rick! Will definitely take your advice and start learning from these sources. Really appreciate your comments!