How to make a skateboard froom ply wood?

Im thinking about making a longboard out of ply wood.Multiple layers on top of eachother that will be glued and clamped in place,what will be the best glue for holding multiple layers of ply woood together?

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acidbass7 years ago

its the best thing to use for something like this I used to do what you are planning on doing all of the time and TIEBOND III was the only thing that withstood weight, grinds, bumps, and other skateboard wear and tear. gorilla glue cannot stand the shock of jumps and stuff.
sharlston (author)  acidbass7 years ago
I think ill try TIEBOND and gorrilla glue,there both gonna be longboards so there just cruisers thanks
cool tiebond is what i used for my long board
neffk7 years ago
Have you considered buying good-quality plywood? Stamped on the edge with the manufacturer's info. You'll probably have to go to a lumber yead---Home Depot doesn't stock the good stuff.

Burf7 years ago
Yellow carpenter's glue (PVAc glue) or Gorilla Glue. Both are waterproof when cured, strong and easy to work with. Yellow glue is less expensive but either one will do the job quite well.
seandogue Burf7 years ago
"Yellow glue is less expensive" And usually easier to cleanup. Gorilla and other poly based glues are quite messy.

However, I've come to prefer using polyurethane glues for situations where water may come into play consistently, even if newer formula "elmer's" type glues are robust. (and yes, I have a big bottle of Titebond III for storm windows and so forth, so I'm not a total luddite)
Gorilla glue for me too.
Dr. Pepper7 years ago
wood glue.