How to make a small 3x3x3 led cube?

Hey I want to make a small 3x3x3 led cube for placing in my desk. I see some of charliplexed cube but they are difficult to understand. So pls hlp me. I want a small cube run by cheap small micro-controller like attiny. Pls give me detailed circuit and code to run.
Thanks in advance 

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rickharris6 months ago

Google is weird - you ask it questions and it does it's best to point you at an answer.

Soumojit (author)  rickharris6 months ago

I cant creat too much patterns cause their is no microcontroller

And there you see the problem of not having a microprocessor. You CAN change the pattern by resoldering the connections but not easily, That is how it works.

You want varying patterns, use a microprocessor, You are happy with a reduced performance use the 555.

Soumojit (author)  rickharris6 months ago

I want to use a microprocessor, i see some cube with pic controllers bur I dont know any thing about pic or how to program them

You have changed the question - OK

Google STILL tells you what you want to know.

including code samples BUT if you have NO skill in this area you will spend you time better trying to do much smaller things first, light a single LED, flash it on and off, light several, workout charliplexing, try to do it with 3 LEDs

THEn you might be able to get your cube working.

NO before you ask it is doubtful if anyone here will write the code for you.

If you can't do what you want from the information given then your not likely to be able to do it until you learn more.

iceng6 months ago

Strange, you do not show an ible about the 3^3 cube you say you made !

Also strange, you do not want to use a uP !!

Very strange, you ask for help with detailed micro-controller code !!!

Unbelievably strange, you want to use several tiny ICs to make it super attiny ??

I wait for when your desires are not in conflict with every statement you make,

please make it clear...

Soumojit (author)  iceng6 months ago
I want to make a charliplexd led cube so it use less io pins
steveastrouk6 months ago

Plenty of instructables here on the right >>>>>>>>

Have you tried them all yet ?

Soumojit (author)  steveastrouk6 months ago
Most of them uses the arduin. I need that will small in size and use small ics. I have seen those pic ones they are small but i font know about pic microcontroller. I see some charliplexed led cubes but their is no code
Kiteman Soumojit6 months ago

There are small versions of the Arduino.

Soumojit (author)  Kiteman6 months ago

I know but I want to make it with small ics like attiny

"Arduino" is software on a chip, you can put your Arduino code on a surface mount Atmega chip, or just buy a Nano. There are a bunch of charlieplexing libraries which hide a lot of the pretty scary amount of I/O handling needed from you.

if you don't want to charlie plex, you'll have to multiplex on 3 x 9 pins, so you need 12 free digital pins. Remember that there are significant current limits on the pins, but if you make a high efficiency red led cube you can get down to decent levels of light with 1mA through your LED
Soumojit (author)  steveastrouk6 months ago

I made a 3x3x3 cube using multiplexing. I want to make it small and want to use charliplexing. I find a 3x3x3 cube using charliplexing and an Atting 13. But I cant find how to connect the cube with the ic. I also see some cube with attiny 2313 also......... I want to make it super small