How to make a soldering iron?

How can i make a soldering iron from low cost and easily available materials?

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CameronSS8 years ago
Given that you can get a basic soldering iron for under $25 from Ripoff Shack, or for $15 online, or less than $10 secondhand or from a Chinese seller on eBay, this is probably a situation where you couldn't make one for the same quality for less than they cost to buy.

That said, a soldering iron at its simplest is just an electric heating coil attached to a thin tip. There are many methods to making a heated metal point, the simplest being a nail and a torch.
eric m7 years ago

lubee8 years ago
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causffect8 years ago
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jeff-o8 years ago
Don't bother! Just buy one.
110100101108 years ago
just addition to what cameron said - if you buy electrical iron be sure to get one with earth connection. the ones with 2 entry plugs can shock (my own experience)