How to make a trial version of software?????

how do you make a trial version?? I have a software I made and I want to make it a trial version.......

lemonie8 years ago
Whatever it is, I'd suggest you:
Take out / restrict some parts of it
Add in some different bits, the words "Trial Version" for a start.
(Much like sean' suggests)

Trying to work out what it is from knex, ipod, & altoids, I'd guess that you used knex & altoids because you thought your question would get more attention (it doesn't work like that with questions though) - so is this for an ipod or was that in for the same reason?


frollard8 years ago
In the spirit of instructables and open source:  I firmly believe you should offer your software completely un-restricted for free - with a non-intrusive nag once in the installation and subsequently in the 'donate' menu.  Frankly, if you make it shareware, it'll get hacked anyway.  Better to skip the whole effort of trying to beat the hackers.