How to make a video transmitter/receiver?

I need a small compact and light video transmitter, but i dont want to empty my wallot... because i need to buy a ,motorbike, anyway, is it possible to build a simple ish one, that sends video and audio, or just video i dont really mind about the audio, but not very complicated? i just need a range of ~60 metres... thanks

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aidan3331 year ago

recently I built a satilite dish. Just tell me and I'll teach you how to make a super cheap most effective receiver out of like junkie cheap materials.

mappum8 years ago
you won't be able to make one from scratch unless you have electronics knowledge and know how to make your own advanced circuit boards... and anyway you would still have to buy parts online. the only way to get one is to buy a video Tx and Rx from somewhere like this:
hi. i doin college project Digital camera with wireless LCD.i facing problem to video transmiter/receiver. and how to buy LCD Receiver.i need help ...
Dr.Bill mappum8 years ago
amando96 (author)  mappum8 years ago
those are quite cheap! the problem is internet... :|
mappum amando968 years ago
why can't you buy things online? no credit card? just go to the grocery store or 7/11 and buy a prepaid debit card!
amando96 (author)  mappum8 years ago
lol in grocery stores here we cant even pay with cradit card... i live in the poorest rich country... xD I'll ask this guy i know that has some mini cams with wireless... he went on hollydays but now hes back...
amando96 (author)  amando968 years ago
ya and no cradit card...
Dr.Bill8 years ago
become a ham radio operator and get into A.T.V. Slow scan or fast scan television. sstv is still pics fstv is like what you see on regular TV
MattGyver928 years ago
There IS a book-Spy Gadgets For The Evil Genius. This book has everything you need. Go to the library nearest you, or get online to check it out. Or you could order/buy it at This book has RC robots, bugs, transmitters, recievers, lasers, binoculars-you name it.
jamilm98 years ago
amando96 (author)  jamilm98 years ago
thanks but it's too big... and i cant guy things from the net...