How to make a wireless led switch ???

i want to make a led light with wireless switch i have 5 volts power and a pcb with 20 leds and an ir led and it's original receiver ir reciver
had taken it out from a wireless led lamp but now that lamp is broken and not working. the circuit of that lamp has a transistor and an ic with no model printed on it ( may be because that it very low quality product of china ).
can any one suggest a method to do that with simple circuit.

i will be greatful,
if you know plese mail me at or answer  it on this site.
thanks in advance.
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There is more to it then having an IR LED and receiver diode. The circuits in the lamp decode the signal sent by the remote. The remote will flash a code on the IR LED. So you need a functioning remote and receiver to accomplish this.

With a quick search i found this 2 button remote with relay receiver that is great for making a project wireless.

With some more detailed searching you can find all sorts of similar options.
samaddon (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
i don't want to buy but to make it
cause i live very far away from u.s.
samaddon (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Thanks for your help as i am only 15years old so cannot make much complicated
circuits but simple circuits with some ic's