How to make all terrain robotic car? Pls list out all the parts required and also the step by step procedure to make it.

The dimension of the entire car should be 30*25*25 cm... and should run in a 12v supply...... It should be of min cost too...

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Kiteman7 years ago
I suggest you browse the robot projects on this site, plus the radio-control projects.

You have not really given enough information (autonomous? radio control? wheels, tracks or whegs?), and you are asking for a lot of information in one lump (I have a book on building an RC battle-bot, it's about an inch thick).

Do a bit of your own research, rough out a design or plan, then come back and ask some better questions.

(Or you could ask the teacher that set the homework.)
What exactly are whegs?
I think they are wheel/legs?
Yes - there are several videos on YouTube:

aswin2142 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I lik ths video... Thnks a lot.. But im supposd 2 use nly wheels.. Its a robo competition where the robot has to go through dificult terrains.....
Whegs work like wheels. Call them "custom-shaped wheels".
Thanks for answering! :D
Wait.... Do you work for DOD? Wasn't there some DARPA project to build an autonomous robotic car? The grand something something challenge?

Oh wait here we go:

Oh yeah, and don't blame me when we're all up to our armpits in terminator robots.
Damn those evil robots!