How to make an Internet Browser with Visual Studio free from Internet Explorer?

How can I make an internet browser using Visual Studio without just remaking Internet Explorer?

rickharris4 months ago

Other than the experience I am at a loss as to WHY.

There are plenty of free browsers out there even if your against Google.

Downunder35m4 months ago

Judging by the programs you posted so far I would say you are aiming a bit too high here.
Well, at least if you want to create a functioning browser that stands up to the currently used protocols and features users need and demand.

There are examples here on the right as well as through Google, so I guess it all depends what one wants and needs...

iceng4 months ago

I would use Real Basic instead because it makes small exe files,

where Visual Studio includes large unnecessary libraries..

How can you make a browser ?? Well how much have you programmed ?

Have you made a game like a mouse version of Tick Tack Toe ?

Can you talk to another computer using basic ?

If you can work up a web site then You will know how to..