How to make an LED lamp from scratch?

I am wanting to make a 5-LED table lamp that plugs into the wall and also has a cord with a switch.  I do NOT want to start with a new LED lamp from a store.  I can find bits and pieces of projects on here but I'd like detailed help in doing this.  I do not have electrical experience but I catch on quickly to directions.  I mainly need to know what wiring, LEDs, resistors I would need and maybe short directions..  If anyone is willing to help me with a parts list, please email me.  Thank you!  icukala@yahoo

Kiteman3 years ago

There are lots of LED lamps made from scratch. They may not all have five LEDs, but you should be able to work it out from what is given:

Squash (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Thank you but I'm well aware of the search option and have looked through everything close to what I want. I am however looking for someone to give me personalized help because of the exact ideas I have. I know nothing about resistor numbers or wiring so combining all the items I listed would not be eaay for me without guidance. Also, because I want it to be able to plug into the wall, I have found numerous other sites advising not to do this on my own because of therrisk of shock.

If you know of anyone willing to PM me, that would be most helpful. Thanks.
iceng Squash3 years ago

What's this PM stuff,......... this is a learning site.

Why not do it in this thread, where we can include pics.

People here are nice :) so you should not fear asking uninformed questions.

That is how you and the lurkers learn......

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If you don't understand electricity, a direct on line LED lamp is too much to do. You must use an isolating transformer, and low voltages.