How to make an Under water ROV?

Give me full details !!!

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iceng5 years ago
Do U know how to snorkel ?

Are U trained as a technical in a collage ?
iceng iceng5 years ago
What have U built so far in your life ?
cchabtini5 years ago
rickharris5 years ago
I have thought about it and even if English isn't your first language most languages have some polite request in them.

So the answer is NO look for your self.
FoolishSage5 years ago
Have you tried using the search at the top right? The first two hits for "under water rov" seem to have all the details you could need.

You can also check the Related column on the right for those and other related projects

If those are not to your liking try a google search for "make an under water rov" to find even more projects.

Good luck!

(And a "please" would have been nice as well)