How to make an atom splitter/gravity hammer?

My cynical friend would like to see if it's possible to make a homemade atom splitter, a.k.a. gravity hammer. He says he wants to observe a thermonuclear explosion created by the collision of matter and antimatter.

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I don't know about a gravity hammer but an atom spitter is completely possible.  There isn't antimatter involved but the splitting of an atom is.  I have personally built a linear particle accelerator using a teslacoil before and it worked well enough.  The trick(being the part I didn't do) is to syncronize two discharge points to pulse at the same time.  The basics(using my coil specs):
-Huge teslacoil(preferably 1 million volts minimum) using atleast 0.6 micro-ferads.  The capacitor array for me was acheived using an 11x11 series/parallel setup with 2,000v 0.6 micro-ferad caps.  This gives a cap bank capable of handling 22,000v input at 0.6 micro-ferads.
-a straight tube that can have a vacuum imparted onto it.  One end of the tube has a pin placed in with a flat(as flat as you can get it) tip.  This is the electron gun. The other end has a ground to give the electrons a path to travel.
-the vacuum should be lower than acheivable from a roughing pump.  Use something better.

This will allow a beam of electrons to be created.  You could use two of these beams to create a collision.  If you can scrape together most of the parts you could build something like this for a couple hundred dollars.

One day I should rebuild this project and I will write up the instructable.  It has been years.  Sorry if any of these numbers are off, I am operating off of a 10 year old memory.

WARNING: Beta particles(what make up this particle beam) have a nasty tendency to release radiation when it collides with ANYTHING(including air).  For safety, if you build this make sure to have protection(Cinderblock wall) and do not use in residencial areas.
jeff-o7 years ago
Well, if he does witness such an explosion, he'll probably be the first person to do so.

Also, it'll be the last thing he ever sees.
gun487 jeff-o7 years ago
 and the last thing many of us would see O.o.  I couldn't imagine. An antimatter bomb?
orksecurity7 years ago
Splitting atoms isn't that hard. Getting antimatter is; getting more than a single particle of antimatter is harder. Getting any reaction beyond trivial size without killing yourself with radiation before you get the reaction is harder yet. And I have no clue what a "gravity hammer" is supposed to be.

Your cynical friend is reading too much bad science fiction. Put him or her onto the good stuff.
Google is your friend.  Apparently "gravity hammer" is the name of a weapon from the Halo 2 and Halo 3 video games.
Yep, too much bad science fiction.
Bigev7 years ago
Quick and dirty, you cant.